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Menopause, Meet Your Match! at Dubrow Physical Therapy https://www.dubrowpt.com/ Wednesday, August 30th, 6:30 p.m. at 601 West Plano Parkway #141-A, Plano, TX 972-398-0789 Call for a reservation. Seating is limited!

Dr. Karen Dubrow, PT, PhD, DMT, FAAOMPT is a clinician and researcher with over 37 years in practice and is an international and national speaker within her field. She is the founder of Hot Women Only. https://hotwomenonly.com/ She is hosting a 40-minute free seminar for peri-, meno-, and post-menopausal vibrant women.

Medical, nutritional, and exercise science has grown up alongside us! Dr. Dubrow will provide a 5-minute session on nutritional changes to help stop nightly hot flashes and weight gain, a 15-minute session on how & why exercise needs to change after menopause, and a “takeaway” exercise to lift the bladder. Just say “no” to pee pee in panties!

Dr. Roxanne Pero, MD, FACOG, DIPABLM is an OBGYN with over 15 years as such and over 4 years in Lifestyle Medicine. She will provide a 10-minute discussion with you about the importance of bioidentical hormones. Here’s a link to her website: https://carpathiacollaborative.com/team-member-dr-roxanne-pero/

After the presentation, we will have time for Q & A with wine, no whine!

There will be an opportunity to participate in a research study with a supplement that may increase libido and natural lubrication! Didrik J. Sopler, Ph.D., L.Ac. and also an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist with over 40 years in practice, has created Tissue Recovery supplements. He has had clinics in Norway, Sweden, and Los Angeles, treating athletes, celebrities, and people who wish to optimize their health. He has formulated bioavailable supplements (those that your body uses versus peeing it out) for over 2 decades. Dr. Dubrow noticed differences in her libido and lubrication after taking Tissue Recovery Effective S-Acetyl Glutathione. Nothing else worked. Drs. Dubrow and Sopler are collaborating on a research study to evaluate this observation. If you are a participant, you will be provided the supplement free of charge for the length of the study. Here’s a link to the supplement: https://tissuerecovery.com/collections/supplement-list/products/effective-s-acetyl-glutathione?_pos=1&_sid=92558697b&_ss=r

Call the office at 972-398-0789 with your reservation for the seminar. Seating is limited!